1. Lesson learned this evening: If a waiter offers you food, and there’s the tiniest, slightest sliver of a chance it might be off menu, ask how much it’s going to cost up front.

  2. Got distracted trying to find somewhere to put smelly bananas, ended up cleaning the kitchen and arranging all my jars in order of colour, which, apparently, my panorama software cannot handle:

  3. How to make kiwi cake:

    1. Find other fruit cake recipes
    2. Replace other fruit with kiwis
    3. PROFIT

    But in all seriousness, I just made one (based off this recipe, using three kiwis) and it was acceptable. Quite structurally insound, and not nearly as green as I had hoped, but tastes adequately like kiwis and very moist.

  4. Eating inaugural new-apartment hot chocolate out of a jar, exhibits interesting elasticity gradient from near-liquid at the top to properly gelled at the bottom — possibly a result of the heat conducting properties of glass vs ceramic?

  5. We regret to report that even after extensive, delicious research we have been unable to determine how soba noodles can possibly taste as good as they do.

    We remain undaunted.

  6. Aitor García Rey: @BarnabyWalters Do they have rennet at Burið!?! I didn’t know! A few desserts for next @SumendiRest have become suddenly possible… thanks!

    @_aitor welcome back! Yep, I spent several hours today on a wild goose chase which led me to Burið and now have a small vat of Skyr curing. Looking forward to tasting the Sumendi desserts, and I actually have one I’d like you to sample: an evolution of your hot chocolate recipe with some Icelandic influences…