1. Anyone trying to email me using my gmail account: I don’t know where you found that address, but I never use it and almost never log in, so it’s not a good way to reach me. barnaby@waterpigs.co.uk remaims my only active personal email address.

  2. Sometimes I make the mistake of thinking that my life is, sometimes, in its own little way, difficult. Then I listen to pretty much anyone else (including other middle class white men, althought that’s obviously a factor) and am consistently blown away by how much pain people suffer. I don’t know how you all do it. I don’t think I could cope. I’m scared to find out.

    Edit: to clarify, this is intended purely as expression of my amazement at other people, not in anticipation of me having hard times in the near future. Interesting and unpredictable times, sure, but I remain as optimistic as ever :)

  3. Thing I miss about not living in the UK: charity shops. Today, entire year’s worth of clothes shopping for £40, avg. price per item approx. £2.50, and all really good stuff including three lovely woolen jumpers.

  4. Argh my winter travels this year are at the wrong time for everything — missing Red Dog Green Dog/Wod and Ai Weiwei in the UK, Bafnu in Hamburg, then Solarference again in the UK. On the other hand, family christmas and then Folk Marathon should compensate somewhat.

  5. I’ve been back from Iceland for two weeks now, but Google Translate is still in Icelandic. Any ideas on how to fix this? Other Google services appear to have reverted to English again.

  6. Got some little bits of work done on my site today — fixed a spam archiving issue, got leaflet-based maps working again and made note locations editable. Lots more to come soon, hopefully…

  7. Just bought my one-way flight out of Iceland. In just under a month I say goodbye to this beautiful island for the near future. I shall be writing more soon about my experiences here, and what I’m getting up to next!

  8. Looking through archives, I realise the real reason I stopped doing animation was after coming up with “The Spaghetti Entanglement”, I realised that nothing I ever made would be worthy of that name.

  9. Self esteem tip: rather than searching the web for “how to [do xyz basic life skill you really should know by now]”, search for “optimal [xyz basic life skill] technique”.