1. Rediscovered my lost Icelandic phone whilst packing. It doesn’t seem to be charging or turning on correctly. Mixed feelings about this, at least the SIM is still working.

  2. Finally figured out how to persuade my oven to get hot enough to bake decent pizza — needs 10mins in fan+broiler mode, then fan oven at top temp until heated sufficiently.

  3. Wow, I think I just got my first recruiter spam. They asked me to check out their website but gave no link. This is a tech industry rite of passage, right?

  4. Conversation in the kitchen with one of my housemates — she noted that I baked a lot and asserted that I was “housy… like a housewife” because of it. Yay archaic gender stereotypes :/

    A productive evening’s baking was had nonetheless — three bagels, ~20 kanilsnuðar and one oddly shaped pizza.

  5. Every now and again I wonder if the same sort of fandoms which Adventure Time, My Little Pony et al have now would have arisen around things like The Clangers and Captain Scarlet if web culture had been as evolved (or even existed) in the 60-70s as it is now.

    Would people cosplay as Jones the Steam, post videos analysing the character development in The Herbs, communicate using Noggin The Nog reaction faces and write erotic Portland Bill fanfics?

    A bearded viking-esque guy in a pointed hat with safety covers drinks some ale, then spits it out in surprise and look to the right.

    Actually, don’t answer that.

    Spit-takes are better with ale and viking helmets. Wait, no. Everything is better with ale and viking helmets.

  6. Congratulations to all my friends who got into university, and congratulations too to those who decided to take a different path. You’re all awesome :)

  7. Deeply saddened to hear about the death of my friend Greg Taylor. I rarely saw him over the past year but will always remember him for bringing happiness to countless school bus journeys.

    RIP Greg, you were truly a special guy and will be missed.

  8. Is violently expelling mucus from our faces really the most efficient way of removing pathogens from the body that 20 million years of evolution could come up with?

  9. I have this bad musical habit of always hearing music in my head as sung vocal notes (dum de daa, etc.). New project is to train myself to constantly experiment with reorchestrating it in as many different forms as I can.