Reddit recently underwent another new, unpopular redesign, meaning that there are now three different UIs for accessing the website. Out of habit I would look at new-new reddit before remembering to switch to old-new reddit, and quickly noticed that looking at new-new reddit causes my laptop’s fans instantly start spinning.

Here’s a firefox performance profile for 20-30s of each iteration of the reddit homepage. I simply loaded the page and did absolutely nothing. constant ~5% CPU usage with occasional spikes up to ~90% usually 0% CPU usage with occasional bursts up to ~50% (new-new reddit): constant 30% CPU usage with occasional spikes even higher

I don’t have the time or knowledge required to dig into the performance profiler but I would be fascinated to know how old-new reddit ended up more efficient than old-old reddit, and exactly what new-new reddit is doing with 30% of my CPU??

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