New in this version of :

  • Improved styling (still WIP, as always)
  • stream on homepage, currently just notes but will add other things too
  • content creation/editing UIs publicly viewable (take a peek!)
  • profile photo as the icon
  • complete code restructure, now using silex for HTTP routing
  • removed tonnes of nonsense framework code, replaced with small number of ≈200 line functional libraries. Clearer, easier to navigate and much more fun to work with
  • no more SQL databases — content is indexed using a custom built 209 LOC CSV index which is surprisingly speedy, and suits my needs perfectly
  • no more support for rendering content in many forms using content negotiation (HTML, JSON, ATOM etc.) — now only HTML+microformats2 representations of content are given
  • ATOM feed shimmed with microformats2 to ATOM converter
  • Pingbacks no longer natively accepted (though they are sent), using to shim them into webmentions for easier handling

The local maximum has been overcome, for now. There is still much to do.