Had many basic software development lessons hammered in by personal experience over the last couple of years: hierarchy bad. side effects bad. many moving parts bad. undue complexity bad. inconsistency bad. SQL databases fragile. always be reducing.

It’s amazing just how seductive complex, unproductive tools can be. Successfully overcome+abandoned:

  • Codeigniter
  • Doctrine ORM
  • Bootstrap
  • Backbone, Ember, Angular
  • Symfony Security component

PHP remains productive and speedy (with composer, delightful dependency management), python nice with some irritations. jQuery useful when absolutely necessary, plain with small libraries loaded via requirejs handle most progressive enhancement concisely. node.js nice for some things, preferring go’s approach to async programming but still not much everyday need for it.

Avoiding middlemen: LESS, SASS, Coffeescript. Unnecessary for most of my work, and more moving parts is bad.

Now bothering me is the frameworky nonsense accumulating in . Need to cleanse.