goal: by 2014-01-01, no longer be using to read+reply to my friends’ content.

It’s already possible to use web action toolbelt to add indieweb reply/bookmark buttons to and weave to expand POSSEd copies into full posts, but I think that’s as far as the “progressively enhance the twitter UI for indieweb support” train goes. Remaining pain points:

  • Ads and other UI noise
  • Lack of good search
  • Lack of control over timeline — lists, following and blocking are the only ways to control what you see
  • Very weird in-timeline threaded conversation view

Pieces in place allowing a seamless transition from using

  • A whole bunch of indiewebcampers publishing their notes+articles on their own sites using microformats2
  • An open source microformats2 parser
  • mark up notes with microformats2 h-entry and h-card
  • h-card and xfn for follow lists, e.g. my contact list
  • Shim to parse into microformats2 data
  • twitter-activitystreams to consume personal twitter feed as microformats2

Pain points still to be resolved:

  • How to fall back to subscribing to someone’s twitter feed if they don’t publish their notes on their own site?
  • Whether or not to support ATOM+RSS — sure there’s a lot of it around, but it’s a nightmare, and I don’t want to encourage publishing invisible DRY-violating data. Perhaps superfeedr’s normalisation will be of use
  • What to do about all the wordpress blogs around with half-baked microformats support — auto-detect and use their ATOM feed? Try to find a related twitter account?
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