1. about tcpdump, a very handy little command line utility for looking at network traffic. Not as fully featured as Wireshark, but nice if you want to e.g. pipe network traffic into another process. It’s also not >300MB :/

  2. Playing around with plan9.bell-labs.com/plan9 on the . It seems that old Apple keyboard+mouse are not supported even via a USB hub, but Dell USB keyboard and mouse are even without kbargs=-b in the config file.

    I’ve also had no success just formatting the SD card and dragging the image on, whereas unmounting it, then using dd to transfer the image works perfectly.

    It’s rather an intriguing operating system which I think will reward further study. Next steps:

    • Get a working kbd+mouse so I can play with it at home
    • Get it connected to a network
    • Connect it to a mac via drawterm and try using it as a visual terminal and mounting the filesystems on each other
    • Installing it on multiple Pis and connecting them together, to share processing power or memory or something